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This year is the end of the poverty alleviation work in our region. Focusing on the task of poverty alleviation, we have taken various measures at the same time, implemented the precise strategy, and the success of the clean-up operation is in sight. In the face of the superimposed impact of economic downward pressure and the impact of the epidemic, every effort has been made to stabilize the growth, investment and employment, keep close to the key links, and take excellent measures to accelerate the economic development in the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, so as to achieve the goal of "double over half". With the continuous emergence of epidemic prevention and control results and the increasing market confidence, the cultural tourism industry has seized the opportunity of comprehensive recovery of service industry and the arrival of tourism peak season, ushering in a rare window period. Our district attaches great importance to and encourages cultural and tourism enterprises to carry out consumption promotion and exhibition and marketing activities, and vigorously release the consumption vitality. The cultural and tourism industry in the region is gradually getting better and better. In order to fully implement the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's visit to Shaanxi Province, we should firmly implement the Central Committee's "six guarantees" and "six guarantees" requirements, promote the deep integration of cultural tourism, promote the steady and healthy development of the economy through the strong recovery of Wen's tourism industry, and continuously consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of poverty alleviation.
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