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Longtou Mountain Scenic Spot is located in Xiaonanhai Town, Nanzheng District, Hanzhong City, the main beam of Micang Mountain at the junction of Sichuan and Shaanxi. The planned area of ​​the scenic area is 86.09 square kilometers. The main peak), with a minimum altitude of 949.8 meters, belongs to a mountainous middle temperate zone with a humid climate zone. The annual average temperature in the scenic area is 7.4 ℃, the average temperature in the coldest month in January is -4.3 ℃, and the average temperature in the hottest month is July. There are 8 types, 18 subtypes, and 38 basic types. The unpredictable and unique alpine natural landscapes such as the sea of ​​clouds, sunrises, strange flowers, colorful forests, strange rocks, ice and snow, vast primitive forests and seas, rare rare birds and beasts, etc., make up a mountain with beautiful beauty, beautiful environment and charming scenery. Alpine natural scenic area. The unique topography and warm climate of Longtou Mountain have formed a four-season tourism pattern of "Adopt Rhododendron in Summer, Summer in Summer, View of Colorful Forest in Winter and Snow". The world of sports and leisure. The planning and construction of scenic spots are implemented in accordance with the standards of "National AAAAA Scenic Spots" and "National Tourism Resorts", according to the overall planning layout of "One Mountain, One Town, One Ring, Two Portals, Two Parks, and Four Centers". The scenic area is divided into seven major functional areas, which will be constructed in three phases, namely Chenjiaping comprehensive service functional area, Longtoushan sports and leisure functional area, Lengshuiping forest recreational functional area, Guliangzhou sports and recreational functional area, Longtoushan dam The tourist town, the Keiukeng geological sightseeing functional area, and the ecological conservation functional area are comprehensive boutique resorts that integrate ecotourism, sports and wellbeing, popular science education, and mountain vacation.
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Scenic Area Ecology
Mountain, stone, valley, peak, flower and classic
01 Pleasant geography and climate
The Longtoushan Forest Park is located in the longtoushanying forest area of the state-owned Beiba forest farm of the main beam of Micangshan mountain at the juncture of Shaanxi and Sichuan, to the east of Hongjun Road, to the west of Xiaoba village of Xiaonanhai Town, to the south of Micangshan National Forest Park, to the north of qinjiaba Village of Xiaonanhai Town, with the highest altitude of 2336m.
02 There are many kinds of animals
In the Longtou Mountain tourist area, 22 species of 5 orders, 11 families, 5 species of 8 families, 12 orders of birds, and 14 species of 8 families, 5 orders of amphibians were found. Among them, there are 4 species of national level Ⅰ protected animals including clouded leopard, golden eagle, forest musk, and crested ibis (wandering); 28 species of Ⅱ level protection, mainly macaques, black bears, giant civet cats, small civet cats, iguanas, mandarin ducks, sparrow eagles , Spotted owl, red-bellied pheasant, impala, jackal, golden cat, yellow sheep, goshawk, vulture, hawk falcon, white-crowned long-tailed pheasant, golden-bellied pheasant, common eagle owl, long-eared owl, Chuanshan Zheluo Salmon, Qinling salmon, Chinese tiger swallowtail butterfly, etc.; the key protected animals in Shaanxi Province are wolf, pig badger, raccoon raccoon dog, small deer, leopard cat, egret, thrush, Qinling belly snake, Qinba salamander, etc.; Animals under general protection include 51 species such as sparrow, hare, wild boar, fox, weasel, bamboo rat, and cuckoo.
There are many types of plants in Longtou Mountain Scenic Spot, complex flora, temperate and subtropical plants. Wild plants are mainly arbor shrubs, Chinese medicinal materials, flowers and grasses. There are 164 species of trees in 55 families, 42 species in 29 families of shrubs, and 9 species of bamboo. There are mainly Pinus tabulaeformis, Bashan pine, Masson pine, oak, birch, lacquer, cedar, cypress, chun, bamboo, etc., as well as subtropics such as oil tung, oil tea, olive, tea, mulberry, pepper, palm, bamboo Tree species; medicinal tree species are mainly Eucommia, Magnolia officinalis, camphor. There are 20 species of 17 families in rare plants. Mainly cycad, ginkgo, metasequoia, Davidia, yew, Qinling fir, chinensis, zelkova, elm, elm, xianglian tree, tulip tree, magnolia, water green, camphor, nanmu, red bean, happy tree, Fraxinus mandshurica, Fragrant fruit tree, Red spring tree; 39 old trees and 7 famous trees were named in 2007 (33 dead trees), 33 trees were named in 013, and 65 existing old and famous trees are related to 14 families and 14 species, including ginkgo , Osmanthus fragrans, Cypress, Camphor, Taxus chinensis, Pistacia chinensis, etc., 7 trees over a thousand years old (the most influential are Shengshui Hangui, Xiezhi Zhangping Platycladus orientalis). There are more than 600 kinds of medicinal plants, 169 kinds have been developed and used. Bulk medicinal materials include Eucommia, Gastrodia elata, Phellodendron amurense, Jujube peel, Galla Chinensis, Aconite, Codonopsis, Yuanhu, Gardenia, Asarum, Honeysuckle, among which Codonopsis, Gastrodia, Polygonum multiflorum, etc. Aconite is widely distributed and produces more. There are more than 600 species of grassland plants in 56 families and more than 500 species of foragers.
03 Rich tourism resources
tourist resources
The Longtoushan landform belongs to the Zhongshan Mountains and belongs to the Micangshan Mountains. The highest altitude is 2336 meters (top of Longtou Mountain), the lowest altitude is 949.8 meters (small dam), and the relative height difference is more than 1300 meters. In the territory, the strange peaks rise, the ridges stretch, the ravines are deep, the terrain is steep, and some areas have wide valley basins and flat mountains. Part of the bedrock is exposed, and the exposed rocks are mainly limestone, flint limestone, sandy limestone, silty limestone, carbon shale, etc. The scenic spot is mainly divided into four major scenic spots, including Longtou Mountain, Chenjiaping, Lengshuiping and Peixiukeng. The preliminary explorations include Hanwang Temple, Hanwangtai, Fairy Cave, Jade Emperor Cave, Longtou Waterfall, Feilong Chengyun, and Tiankeng Karst Cave. Multiple attractions. The development and construction of boutique projects such as hunting grounds, shooting training grounds, ski fields, paragliders, tiankeng expeditions, self-driving camps, parent-child parks, and green moving communes in the scenic spot will fill the gaps in the forest tourism projects in southern Sichuan and northern Sichuan. The planning and construction of Longtoushan International Tourism Resort is carried out in accordance with the standards of “National 4A Scenic Spot” and “National Tourism Resort”, according to “One Mountain (Leader Mountain Peak); One Town (Xiaoba Mountain Tourism Town); One Ring ( Rural Tourism Grand Loop); two portals (Oita Watershed Portal, Bucket Dam Portal); two parks (Forest Park, Geopark); four centers (Chenjiaping Visitor Center, Longtoushan Ski Resort Sports Center, Guliangzhou Service Center, cattle deprivation) The overall planning layout of "Heng Geological Center" is divided into Chenjiaping Comprehensive Service Area, Longtou Mountain Sports Experience Area, Guliangzhou Sports Recreation and Holiday Area, Peiniukeng Geological Sightseeing Area, Lengshuiping Forest Recreation Area, Ecological Conservation Area and Small Area Seven major theme functional areas such as Dam Tourism Town. It mainly includes Chenjiaping Tourist Reception Center, parking lot, sightseeing ropeway, Longtou Yunzhan, ski resort, hunting ground, shooting training center, as well as Lengshuiping Forest Recreation Area, resort hotel and other tourism supporting construction.
History and Humanities
Long tou Shan is the Wen Hua Bao Ku of Yi Zuo Di Yun Shen Hou
Hanwang Temple
It is located at the West foot of Longtou, Xiaoba Township, Nanzheng District, Shaanxi Province. "The renewal of Nanzheng County annals" said: "the king platform of Han Dynasty is said to be the trace of Zhang Lu". The platform is thousands of meters higher than the plain, covering an area of about 20-30 mu. On the temple, there are still remains of stone base, mountain wall, gate, Palace site and plinth, stone Dui, stone mill, stone water tank and other relics.
  • Forest health base!
    Micangshan National Forest Park forest health base is located in Micangshan national forest park scenic area, with an altitude of about 1400m. The content of negative oxygen ions is up to 30000 per cubic centimeter, and the minimum is 10000. The vegetation types are coniferous and broad-leaved mixed forest, broad-leaved mixed forest and pure coniferous forest.
  • Micang ancient road
    Cang ancient road is named after crossing Micang mountain. According to Ciyuan, Micang road is located in the south of Nanzheng County, Shaanxi Province, at the junction of Sichuan and Shaanxi, and connected with Daba Mountain in the East. From the south, ZHENGJING mountain is the main road to Sichuan. The roads are steep, which was called Micang road in ancient times. In ancient times, soldiers were used from Shaanxi to Shu, and more of them came out of this way. ". Micang mountain serves as the North-South barrier, and Micang road is the North-South access fortress. In ancient times, Ba people opened up many roads in Micang mountain, forming a road network, commonly known as Micang road.
  • Mimosa Dragon Mountain
    There is a leading mountain west of Xiaoba Commune in Nanzheng District. It is said that the hometown of Longtou Mountain is in Yilong, Sichuan. People often love it because it often provides people with firewood.
  • Red traffic line
    "Red traffic line" means that from 1933 to 1935, through the joint efforts of the staff of the Shaanxi Army Yang Hucheng Wu Zhiping and the Red Four Front Army, the main development was from the south gate of Hanzhong City, Mo Er, through Dahe Kanyoufang Street, Lujiagou, Gao The secrets of Jialing, Moujiaba, Maxianba, Qingshiguan, Huijunba, Tianchi Temple, Yangquanguan (another way to Baijiang to Tongjiang through Guangjiadian), Liangshuijing, Xihekou to reach Beiba and enter the Soviet area The transportation route became an important channel for the communication between the Party Central Committee, the Shaanxi Provincial Committee, the Special Committee of Southern Shaanxi, the Red Front and the Sichuan-Shaanxi Base. The Shaanxi Army and the Red Front Army reached a "Han-China Agreement" (also known as the "Bashan Agreement") with "Bashan as the boundary, non-aggression against each other, joint anti-Chiang, and joint resistance against Japan". This secret agreement lasted for two years. Wu Zhiping provided the Red Army with a large number of military materials such as military maps, secret codes, medicines, etc. through the transportation line, which enabled the Sichuan-Shaanxi Red Army to achieve a major victory in the anti-encirclement and suppression. Strength, free from Jiang Jieshi's plan to kill with a knife. For both parties, the "Bashan Agreement" is a successful united front cooperation practice, which laid a solid foundation for the Xi'an Incident three years later. The "red traffic line" is the "prelude" to the Xi'an Incident. The trend has had a profound impact.
汉中景区    附近景区
Hanzhong Shimen Zhandao scenic spot Shimen plank road is a newly built antique plank road after the construction of Shimen Reservoir. According to the style of Han Dynasty, it has restored one post station, three post kiosks, two plank bridges and Tianxin bridge relics 【详情】
Ancient town of Qingmuchuan Qingmuchuan is named after an ancient tree in the Sichuan Road. There are many buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties in the ancient town, which is listed as the key cultural relics protection unit of Ningqiang County.
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