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Cloud sea, sunrise, strange flowers, colorful forest, strange rocks, ice and snow and other unpredictable unique mountain natural landscape, vast virgin forest sea, rare rare rare birds and animals, etc., constitute a mountain natural scenic area with beautiful mountains, beautiful environment and charming scenery. The unique topography and warm and humid climate of Longtou mountain form the four season tourism pattern of "enjoying azalea in spring and summer, watching colorful forest in autumn and skiing in winter". It is the most characteristic colorful forest viewing base and the largest Ice Snow Sports Leisure world in Qinba region
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Longtou Mountain Scenic Spot
Longtou Mountain Scenic Spot
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The scenic area is rich in natural resources, unique and unpredictable mountain natural landscape, vast primitive forest sea, countless exotic flowers and plants, rare rare rare birds and animals, etc., forming a mountain natural scenic area with unique scenery, beautiful environment and charming scenery.
  • Leading Cloud Stack
    Longtou Yunzhan is about 3.5 kilometers in length and about 2200 meters above sea level. For example, the dragon in Panyun lies above the cliff. The leading cloud stack is famous for its magnificent and steep...

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  • Ladder
    The cloud ladder, with a total length of 180 meters, is the first outdoor sightseeing escalator in the northwest. It is shaped like a dragon and stands on it.

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  • Fun hunting
    Jiahuan Shooting Training Center has built indoor and outdoor high-end shooting training areas, planning UFO shooting area, fixed target pistol shooting area, bow and arrow shooting area, etc...

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Beautiful view
Vast sea of clouds
The scale is grand and the momentum is magnificent.
Winter Trail
Cold wind and cold, winter plank road
Fengqilin Cailin Trail
The mountains are vertical and horizontal, the peaks and undulations are rolling, and the forest is vast.
Warm spring flowers
Hundred flowers rush to open
Ropeway superb view
Bingxeu Desc
Glass plank
Looming, fluttering
Grand view
The natural ecological environment is unique and strange.
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